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Care in Your Forties & Fifties

care in your 40s and 50s

During a woman's 40s and 50s, the child bearing years have or will be completed. These years are often the years we find that woman most often fail to receive regularly scheduled GYN care. These years are vital years that regular scheduled well visits can help to find health issues early or help maintain good health. These are typically peri-menopausal years where normal menstrual periods are interrupted.

Since we are a GYN specialist, we encourage you to also have a primary care provider.

Annual Well Visit

An annual well woman visit is important for overall healthcare. It is vital that these visits occur when well, and that problem visits be scheduled separately Woman who have a negative PAP Smear and negative HPV test can continue to have annual exams, and will only require a PAP every 3 years. Factors such as a change in sexual partners, may be a reason to have a PAP Smear sooner than 3 years. We recommend speaking with your healthcare provider to determine your personalized health care plan.


It is recommended that a baseline be performed at the age of 40. Timing of mammograms after 40 should be discussed with your healthcare provider. Additional mammogram testing may be ordered based on the need for diagnostic imaging.

Common Issues & Concerns

Anytime there is a GYN related concern, we encourage the benefit of an evaluation by one of our practitioners.